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Underground Tank Services

EcoTech locates tanks and provides accurate soil sampling, decommissioning and cleanup services at affordable prices, with minimal impact to yards and gardens.

To see our heating oil tank technicians in action and learn more about how we decommission tanks, watch the KPTV Home and Garden Feature. (The full video will play after a 15-second advertisement.)

For more information on State guidelines, visit DEQ's H.O.T. information site or Ecotech's oil tank FAQ section

We are experienced and knowledgeable about regulatory requirements and insurance trends, ensuring the best protection and service available.

EcoTech is licensed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to provide all oil tank related services.


EcoTech uses an independent, DEQ-Certified laboratory for sample analysis. Soil test results are available the morning after sample collection.


Decommissioning old and out-of-service tanks prevents future leaks and related cleanup costs. EcoTech decommissions tank in-place or by removal.

Inside Tank with containment dike. Dike required only in City of Lake Oswego
Inside Tank with containment dike. Dike required only in City of Lake Oswego


New tanks are installed in accordance with local seismic and mechanical code requirements and include permits and inspections, as necessary.


DEQ allows a variety of cleanup options. EcoTech has the experience and technical knowledge to provide the best solution for each property, shortening cleanup schedules, reducing costs and minimizing disturbance to the property.

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